Saturday, 20 December 2014

Yoga on the Mornington Peninsula in Vic, WA and SA. Locations at Sorrento, Rye, Mornington, Mt Martha, Flinders, Yallingup and Silver Sands

Welcome to Yoga in the Park.
free range, organic yoga for all ages and stages

begins again on Dec 20, 2014

Sorrento  9-10am
Historic Park
(hotham rd behind the police station...look toward the bay as you walk in from the carpark)

from Dec 26 we offer two classes
7.30-8.30 and 9-10am

Sorrento- kids classes 9-10am
from Dec 26
Join Yoga Bean as they lead fun and interactive classes for kids whilst you enjoy your own practice in the same park

$15 casual, $70 for a weekly pass (enter from Hotham Rd carpark and look downhill to the left of the path)

Mornington 8-9am

Rye 8-9am (on the foreshore opp lyons st) 

Mt Martha 8-9am (next to Mt Martha House) 

Flinders 8-9am (bay end of cook st)

Yallingup WA 7-8am (yallingup beach rd on the foreshore reserve)
has now finished
Silver Sands SA 8-9am (aldinga surf life saving club) 
has now finished

Casual $20 ($5 donates to Samarpan foundation)
weekly pass: $80
10 class pass: $150
weekend pass $30
Peninsula Hot Springs/ Sorrento YiP pass $45 (valued at $60)

all other venues

casual $15
weekly pass $70
10 class pass $135
weekend pass $20 
Peninsula Hot Springs/ YiP pass $45

Join us on a journey to where Yoga began...

Kashmir Yoga Trek Aug 27- Sept 6 2015

We love practicing in nature because that's where you experience Yoga. 
For visual inspiration, see our photos from last year's trek.
For a brochure with full itinerary and price, email

Yoga in the Park is a seed of Palate Earth which, when not in the park, is either enjoying:

Volunteer work with the Samarpan Foundation
Travelling around the world giving Yoga workshops,
school wellbeing programmes
health and wellbeing seminars,  

Yoga Therapy sessions,
Inspiring journeys and workshops. 

Limited mats available to hire.
mat hire is $1, otherwise just bring a towel!

What else to bring
Bring a friend, bring your children, bring your grandparents, bring an open mind and a willing heart.
And... bring a sarong to place over yourself/ face at the end when we lie down for relaxation to avoid sun or flies that can disturb this peaceful pose. We have an organic, natural bug spray available to keep those pesky insects away from our auras.
You may also wish to have a bottle of water nearby. 

CD's are available at all locations for $20, or you can order one now (+$2.60 postage).

If you already have an audio CD and would like to be reminded of the visual sequence, please contact me and we will email you a very detailed animation.

Yoga in the Park is an organic style of Yoga incorporating gentle flowing movements and steady postures from a combination of traditions. There are elements of Qi Gong and Tai Chi with strong focus on breath. This is what makes our classes achievable for all ages and stages.

We teach safely and encourage you to observe both your strengths and limitations, and to work wisely within them. Your body is your responsibility, and pain is not Yoga.
We're happy to answer your questions regarding the practice.

We would love to thank Lululemon, Peninsula Hot Springs, The Continental Hotel for their generous support. It's always a pleasure to work with people who share the vision.

Rain Policy
Sorrento will practice despite the rain as there is a rotunda we run under. Other venues: If rain is imminent, please call your local teacher (see contact details below) to confirm that the class is still on.

Our Teachers:
Baxter (Sorrento)

Baxter designed a sequence that she felt could hold the focus of students whilst the body received the benefits. She drew on her training from various sources, with a strong belief that when movement combines with the breath, it can become meditation in action with all the benefits of a physical practice.
She is also a qualified Yoga Therapist with a post grad dip with Yoga Therapy Australia.

Baxter is available for private consultations and private group classes.
0423 161 503

Christina (Mornington)
Dedicated, authentic and compassionate, Christina puts her heart and soul into every class.
She has been fortunate enough to study under many yoga masters and has lived, studied and taught in Satyananda Yoga Ashrams around the world. 
With the vision to make yoga accessible to all, Christina founded Satya Live Yoga in 2012. She currently teaches, at Peninsula Hot Springs, Hummingbird Eco Retreat, Lululemon and during summer will run the classes in Mornington Park .

Contact Christina on 0414 385 051

Flinders: Deb Malesa (Wed-Sun) and Marieke Brugman (Mon + Tues)
Yoga has been a part of Deb's life for more than 35 years. She is passionate about the, guidance, support and healing that Yoga can offer all individuals.  She is currently studying as a Yoga Therapist through Yoga Therapy Australia and facilitates weekly classes from the Civic Hall in Flinders, at the Silverleaf  Yoga Studio Merricks, Hummingbird Eco Resort and Crib Point Community House.

 Deb can be contacted  on 0407815134 or

After years of practising Yoga, Marieke continues to enjoy the invigoration, joyfulness, and of course the pleasure of sharing its power: The power, of using breath, of feeling flexible and strong, of a quiet and ordered and mind of good eating.

You can contact Marieke on 0419 580 391 or at


Rye: Claire (Mon-Fri) and Stacey (Sat + Sun).
For Claire, Yoga has become a way of life. She has discovered in her yoga practice a way to be closer to her soul and her body and considers it a gift to create an opportunity for people to discover the energy that Yoga is.
Claire will be teaching in Rye from Monday to Friday, every morning.

New to the Mornington Peninsula, Stacey has been
teaching Yoga in the mountains for 12 years.  Stacey’s classes draw on the inspiration of a number of teachers and styles of Yoga- always encapsulating breath, movement and meditation.  Stacey loves nothing more than to share the practice of Yoga outdoors with others: recharging the body, mind and spirit among the earth’s elements. Contact Stacey on 0411 128 141 or

Mt Martha: Simon
Simon is a qualified Yoga instructor and member of Yoga Australia.
“It is great practising Yoga in the outdoors. As we pace the breath with the postures, the fresh peninsula air invigorates the body/mind while the sounds of nature calm us". This is Simon's second year with Yoga in the Park.
"As my teacher always emphasises the simple welcome of one person to another as the essential Yogic teaching, all participants will be welcomed with love and respect to enjoy the classes".

Michele Maselli at Silver Sands
delights in sharing his passion of Yoga with others. His Yoga journey has traversed both Eastern and Western shores, and maintains a continuous link with mother India, the birthplace of Yoga.  Now based in Brunswick, Melbourne, Michele teaches Yoga in various places, from studios, fitness centres, corporate classes, to working with disadvantaged youth in justice centres.  His diverse teaching experiences and studies of Yoga allows him to be very sensitive and able to cater for all types of situations in his sharing of Yoga.  Practicing the essence of Yoga in classes and retreats but then bringing these aspects into ones daily life is Michele's focus in Yoga: the cultivation of awareness, harmony and balance.  To reconnect with the divine spark within, is truly the  joy of our Yoga. 0410 184 7710410 184 771

Yallingup: KT Coryell, Shelley Guy, Annie Hesford

Dec: Fri 27, Mon 30
Jan: Fri 3, Mon 6, Fri 10.

Shelley has been leading health and fitness classes for over 25 years and is one of Western Australia’s longest accredited fitness instructors.  Her introduction to yoga began 15 years ago as a mental and physical release from her full-time work as a TV Commercial Producer, Journalist and Fitness Instructor.  Shelley believes that through the practice of yoga there is a great exposure to the mind and deeper layers of our being that very few other physical activities touch on, and sees it as her purpose in teaching to guide students to a sense of peace, calm and contentment in life.

Shelley teaches a regular Vinyasa Flow classes in her home town of Dunsborough, and can be contacted on 0418912584  or

Dec: Thur 26, Tues 31.
Jan: Thurs 2, Sun 5, Tues 7, Thurs 9, Sun 12

Annie: Dec: Sat 28, Jan: Sat 4 

Kids Yoga in Sorrento with Deb Roberts
Deb Roberts has been practising yoga for 20 years and loves sharing yoga with children of all ages. When Deb isn't teaching kids in Sorrento, you can find her in the the Bayside and Yarra regions in Melbourne.  0410606227